Lockdown Luck: £300 000 Scratch Card Jackpot

A furloughed painter from Northern Ireland has had some exciting lockdown luck. Discovering he had won £300 000 on a UK National Lottery scratch card. lovebelfast.co.uk   THE WINNING TICKET Robert Fullerton had been out with his wife, Susan. They were doing some essential shopping when he decided to try his luck. He purchased two […]

Lucky teen wins big

STOKE-ON-TRENT TEEN CLAIMS £240 000 ON £2 SCRATCH CARD A lucky teen wins big! From Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, a teenager won a staggering £240,000 after purchasing a £2 scratch-card. THE LUCKY SCRATCH CARD For the next year, Kyle Burke will receive a monthly payout of £20 000 from the purchase of a winning card. This astonishing […]

Scratch off cards – All about scratch cards

Scratch off cards, scratch cards, scratch off tickets or even just scratch offs as they are sometimes known, have been around for many years. This article looks at a variety of exciting items that you may have not known about these little instant gratification cards. About scratch off cards Scratch off cards were first seen […]

Monopoly Millionaire and Shortcake

One lucky couple scored a £1 000 000 jackpot and it’s all thanks to their pet cat, Shortcake and Monopoly Millionaire scratch cards.