Employee Incentives and Remote Workers

Employee Incentives and Remote Workers

Maintaining high morale and motivation continues to be a key component of managing employees. But how does one do this outside of the familiarity of an office environment? With many workers who have moved out of the comfort of their offices and set routines, it can only be expected that some may struggle through the transition period.

The uncertainty of the world’s future and the change of environment is enough to leave employees feeling unbalanced and even worse, less motivated. As an employer or manager, it is of great importance that you offer assistance to your workers during these challenging times.

Employee Incentives are an effective means to boost morale as well as encourage extra effort from your remote workers at home.

What are Employee Incentives?

Employee Incentives are rewards or reward programs put in place to encourage success and outstanding performance in the workplace. These rewards can range from a simple incentive to an extravagant holiday abroad. And while these incentives are quite enticing, the current state of the world may limit even the simplest of incentives.


 Employee Incentives and Remote Workers
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The Importance of Employee Incentives for Remote Workers:

For those who have never worked remotely, this new method of working may prove difficult. The change in environment can often lead to challenges that workers usually would not have to face in a traditional workplace. Such as:

  • Lack of Supervision – Employees may feel less obligated to work constantly as much as usual since they no longer have the supervision of a manager in close proximity.
  • Loneliness – One of the most common challenges remote workers face is a lack of social interaction. Under normal circumstances, workers would enjoy informal interactions within the workplace. Without this, they can feel disconnected from the company and colleagues, which could lead to thoughts or intentions to leave said company.
  • Household Distractions – Workers who are accustomed to working from home have no qualms with balancing work and home life. However, this is not the case for those who have to make the transition so abruptly. Be it, parenting duties or technical difficulties, there are sure to be distractions that may frustrate these workers resulting in feelings of discouragement.

These are just a few of the challenges your employees will face outside of their usual working environment. This is where incentives can be a great advantage and benefit all parties involved.

Incentive Ideas:

When formulating your incentives programs, there are two key factors to consider:

With Covid-19 still regarded as high risk, it is best to avoid incentives that could put your employees in danger.

Consider an incentive that may be of use to your employees or at least holds enough significance to encourage them

Some examples:

    • Streaming Service Subscriptions – Everyone wants a free streaming service subscription. Of course, you can choose the length of the subscription according to your budget. An added benefit is that the subscriptions are generally affordable and your employee can always extend the subscription at their own expense.Some popular options to consider are: Netflix, Apple Music, Disney Plus, Youtube and Spotify


  • Online Shopping Vouchers – online marketplaces provide minimal contact and offer a great way to keep your employees safe, happy and comfortable in their working environment



    • Charitable Donations – offering high performing employees the opportunity to make a donation to their favourite charity. They are given the opportunity to use their hard-earned incentive and pay it forward.


  • Home Cafeteria baskets – Consider personalized snack packages filled with a few goodies they would usually have available at the office such as coffees, teas and snacks.



  • Food Delivery Service Vouchers – Similar to a streaming service subscription, these vouchers are a welcoming treat. Especially for employees who are limited in their movements during the pandemic.

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