Scratchcard Winner died twice before winning

Scratchcard winner dies and wins the lotto twice

Is there life after death? Australian Scratchcard winner Bill Morgan, may have the answer. After being declared dead, he went on to win the lottery TWICE!

The Accident

The year was 1999, when disaster struck. Australian truck driver Bill Morgan found himself in hospital after a nasty accident. Thankfully he survived. However disaster struck yet again during his recovery. Medication he was given caused a severe allergic reaction which ultimately stopped his heart.

Fourteen minutes after flat lining, doctors were able to revive him. However, Bill was left comatose and on life support. Miraculously, he awoke from his coma 12 days later with no brain damage or any apparent long term issue from the incident.

Life After Death

Near death experiences (or in this case actual death) have been known to cause people to reevaluate their lives. Mr Morgan was no different. Within the year, Bill changed jobs and made the big decision of proposing to his long time girlfriend Lisa Wells.

And of course, she said yes!

Still consumed by his wave of good luck, Bill decided to purchase a scratch card. Whoever had been watching over him must have felt bad about Bill’s brush with death because as the story goes, the results of the ticket revealed that he was now the winner of a brand new car!


Second times a charm

A local news reporter caught wind of Mr Morgan’s good fortune and wanted to feature him as the man who came back from the dead to win the lottery. While filming the segment, a second ticket was purchased for a re-enactment of the first winning scratch. Of course Mr Morgan found no issue with the request and scratched the ticket on camera.


The reporters were in for quite the surprise when Bill excitedly yelled out “I just won $250,000. I’m not joking!”


In his hand, Bill held the winning card for the jackpot of a completely different lottery!

Scratchcard winner dies and wins the lotto twice

Morgan immediately called his fiance to tell her the great news and what was now his fifth stroke of good luck. The happy couple were now able to buy a proper house as Bill had been living in a travel trailer prior to his accident.


Not wanting to risk it all, Morgan made the smart move to quit while he was ahead. He gave up on scratch cards, stating that his only wish was for good health and happiness. As for his future bride, she agrees and wholeheartedly shares the sentiment.


“I just hope he hasn’t used all his good luck up,” she said.


While this may not have been the exact answer to whether or not there is life after death, it definitely shows there is more to life than death.

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