15 Year Long Win for Warrington Man


A 47 year old man from Warrington has netted himself a handsome sum of quarter-of-a-million pounds each year for the next fifteen years.

A Decade and a Half of Good Fortune

Simon Rustage of Warrington, England was excited to find himself in a rather fortunate position after stopping off on his way home from visiting his father. He chose to visit his local store where he indulged himself to a £10 Mega-Rich scratch card.

“I don’t usually buy £10 scratch cards, they are a bit expensive,” he said. “But I’d won about £120 the day before and had just been in to collect it. I was feeling lucky and thought ‘go on then.’ “

“I just bought it and then didn’t really think – I scratched it immediately in the store.”

Much to his surprise, Rustage uncovered the winning symbol as he scratched away at his ticket.

Whilst still in shock, the father of four handed the ticket to the store assistant who then confirmed that he had indeed won £250,000

“I was absolutely delighted – things like this just don’t happen to people like me.”

However there was an even greater surprise awaiting the unknowing winner. It wasn’t until the following morning when Simon made the call to Camelot that he was informed of the fact that he didn’t just win £250,000 – he had in fact won a total amount of £3.75million that would be paid out in equal instalments over the next fifteen years.

“It is absolutely unbelievable. This is just the best prize ever! It is like having a job with a £250,000 salary but not actually going into work.”

A working man until the end

Despite his amazing fortune, Simon has no intentions of blowing all his cash on material things like some Jackpot winners do. Instead he has decided to continue working and taking care of his family.

“I am going to take my time over what I do and how I spend the money. I certainly have no plans to give up work at the present time.”

“I’m really happy and as long as my kids are taken care of, that’s good enough for me. That’s what really matters.”

“It is such a lovely way to receive the money – it provides me with security and reassurance.”

Having said all of that doesn’t mean he hasn’t drawn up a shopping list for himself. So far Rustage plans on upgrading his current vehicle to something a little flashier, and buying a season ticket to his all-time favourite rugby team, the Warrington Wolves.

source: dailymail.co.uk

Upon his celebratory photoshoot, Rustage was given the opportunity to meet one his Warrington Wolves heroes, Gareth O’Brien. Whilst the celebrations are all over, for the time being, the lucky winner remains in awe of his new reality.

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