Innovative Scratch Card & Lottery Products

Alpha-bet offers a unique scratch card and lottery solution that can easily be adapted for use in your retail, incentive marketing, eventing, gambling, lottery and campaigns. We build your scratch and lottery card solutions.

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Innovative Scratch Card & Lottery Technology

What makes Alpha-bet unique

Letters instead of numbers mean more play combos

Fun opportunities to market your brand

Corporate incentive scratch card solutions​

Our Products, working for your Brand

Themed scratch cards & Bespoke solutions

Customized and creative styles

Ready to start your own business or integrate into your platform and online casino

Affordable and easy set up for both White label and Turnkey solutions

Customized and Versatile campaigns

Inovative, Promotional and a brand booster

A Little More About Alpha-bet​

Innovators of scratch card and lottery products​

We stand out from the crowd with the cards we develop!

Alpha-bet takes scratch cards beyond the traditional lottery environment and into new and exciting waters creating endless possibilities within the marketing, gaming, and events industries. We build scratch card systems for both corporate incentive programs as well as gaming companies wanting a scratch to win product solutions. Our scratch card platform is an ideal starting point for bespoke scratch card systems.

Our unique selling points is that our scratch with letters concept which is different from your typical scratch card system and allows for offering a wider range of possible combinations in which to offer prizes.

Opportunities and solutions​

Our basic scratch card application allows you to start your own business. This application must operate under a gambling or similar license. White label our games and work with our partner to set up your casino with the Alpha-bet games.

Bespoke scratch card solutions

We are scratch card innovators, and we can build scratch card solutions for your private needs. Anything from a wedding invite scratch card to a fun prize giveaway concept.

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Scratch 26

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Scratch Lucky 7

Simply Better with Letters

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