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Alpha-bet Scratch Card software can be easily adapted to promote all manner of corporate incentive solutions. Giving corporates fun opportunities to market their brand, products and or incentify their employees and or clients.

We can build uniquely branded scratch cards for your corporate needs.

Our scratch cards can operate within a module or website or via a mobile phone application. These are typically free play scratch cards that do not require licensing.

All prize tiers are awarded via our certified Random Number Generator and cannot be manipulated or tampered with. All results are fairly allocated.

At Alpha-bet we are interested in designing new and fun concepts to market your products and services. The possibilities are endless in terms of what you can do with scratch cards and we are able to do it for you.

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Corporate incentive programs and services

Are you a business looking to offer a scratch card solution to your employees and customers as a fun and exciting way to engage with your products, offer incentives, or simply for fun?

They can make for great marketing opportunities, and to help build staff and brand loyalty in a corporate incentive program environment. Scratch Cards are exciting to play and with the reveal spelling out pretty much anything you want the opportunities are limited only to your imagination. Our corporate solution allows you a means to offer free to play scratch cards to help your product or service stand out above the rest!

Employee Incentives

Use scratch cards to inspire your employees to hit their targets with the opportunity to receive scratch card plays for every target reached.

Each scratch card can hold a value or prize according to the prize tier allocation and a lucky winner will walk away with the jackpot while others may get consolation prizes.

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Brand Loyalty

Each shopper or client meeting a certain criterion or spend threshold can receive a scratch card via a link on their till slip or receipt, via a mobile phone or web application, shortcode or scan code, bar code They can activate their branded scratch card and win or not win an associated prize.

Resulting in them spreading the news if they win or trying again until they do win. 

This type of corporate incentive has been tried and tested to assist in building brand loyalty.

Product Launches

Digital Scratch Cards can be allocated to a group of people via a chosen delivery method

These cards can be scratched to reveal a new product or a code for a discount coupon to purchase a new product or any variation of empowering potential consumers with the news or benefits of a new and exciting product.

Brand Loyalty Image
Brand Loyalty Image


Raise your brand awareness by distributing a certain number of scratch cards to the public via various delivery methods.

Using the prize tiers certain users will be able to scratch and win branded merchandise, and related prizes to boost the image, knowledge or existence of your brand or product.

Set Up Your Incentive Programme With Ease

Step by step assistance

Marketing campaigns can be set up with these easy steps

It is possible for us to create unique corporate incentive marketing campaigns for your company using our unique scratch card software.

Get started by knowing the number of scratch cards that you are looking at deploying, the number of variations you would like, prizes up for grabs as well as the duration of the campaign.

Our development team will help you select the best template for your needs and provide a template for your design team.

Campaigns can run for a few weeks, months or years.

Fee structures are campaign dependant, however, there will always be a setup fee, an integration fee, a hosting fee, a maintenance fee.

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