Store Manager becomes latest Lockdown Lotto Winner

Store Manager becomes latest Lockdown Lotto Winner

Store manager, Shawn Keeley from North Ireland has become the latest lotto winner during lockdown. The winning ticket was purchased at the store he manages.


“It all started when I bought a couple of £3 scratch-cards on the Friday night,” The 26-year-old finance graduate explained. “I won £30 on those so, as I was leaving work around 5.30 pm on Saturday evening, I bought a couple of £5 scratch-cards with my winnings.

Shawn had forgotten all about his tickets. He needed to get ready for a socially distanced garden party. Where he would be spending some time with his friends that same evening.

Remembering the cards, he took them out of his jacket and started scratching them at around 7pm. As he was scratching he could see that his numbers matched and the card showed that he had won the top prize of one million pounds.

“I really couldn’t believe what I saw. As I was still trying to process exactly what appeared to be happening, my mum was already planning a new asphalt driveway at the front of the house.” He said



Understandably, Shawn was ecstatic. His elation was dampened by a telephone call. It was from a fellow employee who had sold him the tickets.

“The call came through and immediately I thought this was it – I’d been the victim of an elaborate prank,” said Shawn.

Soon enough, store manager Shawn realised it was not a prank but in fact true. He was a winner, after all.

“It turned out there was just a problem with the fridge in the shop hence the call, so I had to go round and fix it. That was around 8.30pm which meant I was running very late to meet my friends.”

When I arrived, my friends asked… “you’re late, what happened to you?”

And as if it was straight out a movie, Shawn delivered the greatest one-liner in response.

I replied “nothing much. I just won a million quid on a scratch-card” and then the party really got underway!”


Store Manager becomes latest Lockdown Lotto Winner


What happened next?

Shawn has decided to continue working his everyday job despite his big win. He stated that he loves his job and enjoys a great relationship with the owners.

“It’s been really wonderful as some customers have come into the shop saying that they’re delighted for me and that it couldn’t have happened to a nicer family,” he said.

Shawn plans to put some of the winnings towards treating his family.


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