Valentine’s Day Promotional ideas for Casinos

Valentine's Day Promotional ideas for Casinos

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s day is upon us once again. As for marketing, Valentine’s Day is the most marketed celebration other than Christmas. With that in mind, February 14th is an important date to diarise for promoting a brand or business. Promoting a casino is equally so.

Bearing in mind that casinos offer similar celebratory products and marketing is incredibly competitive within the gambling industry. Hence, we reveal 10 of the Best Casino Promotional Ideas for this Valentine’s Day.

Love lottery games (love-themed lottery games)

February is the month of love, and remaining with the theme, whether online or physically at the casino, lottery games are a classic choice to promote the gambling industry. They’re simple, cost-effective and easy.

With the noteworthy theme, one can design games with traditional colour scheme of red and white, scattered with hearts and cupids or embellished with anything ‘Valentine’.

Website pop-up promotions for Valentine’s day

Although pop-up ads are rather annoying, the can, however, be highly effective when delivered in the correct manner. The aim is to draw in the clientele.

Ads of this nature guarantee a 100% view rate. This is due to recipients having to view the pop up before closing it

Website Wheel Spin

Like most lottery games, the wheel of fortune-type games will be a great choice to attract players to simple games.

As the wheel spins, each section can be assigned a different tier. Each tier can then be matched to specific prizes of varying value. This could range anywhere from a free spin to unique codes that can be used on other games offered by the casino.

Scratch Cards

In all forms, be it paper or digital, scratch cards are shown to be quite popular in the lottery and gaming industry. Implementing scratch cards as a promotional tool to engage with customers has great potential as they are easily implemented.

Alpha-Bet Themed Scratch Mini: Valentine

Valentine themed

Themed scratch cards are a fun way to entice your target audience.

The Valentine version of Alpha-Bet Scratch! Scratch all 8 tiles from the scratch card to reveal as many letters as possible from the phrase “I love you”. Players need a minimum of three correct letters from the phrase to start winning. The more correct letters you reveal and match with the letters from “I love you”, the more you win!

These scratch cards can operate within a module or website, or via an app. Contact the Alpha-bet team today for assistance.

Promotional Newsletters – offering special subscriber codes and discount-plays

Promotional Newsletters via email are an effective way to reach all subscribed players and reward them for their loyalty to the casino. Newsletters can, however, also engage new players by offering these players subscriber codes for discount- plays.

Big love prizes

Grand prizes are always a firm favourite! Consider offering players the chance to win grand ‘love’ prizes such as a romantic dinner, wedding rings or even their dream wedding.

Here is an example of ‘prize marketing’ which can assist your brand in:

  • Generating engagement
  • Raising awareness of your brand
  • Gathering leads that have a high chance of converting

Social Media Campaigns

Valentine's Day Promotional ideas for Casinos
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Social media campaigns have the potential to generate a tremendous amount of traffic to your site thus giving you a considerable amount of exposure. By utilising this method to draw attention to any promotion is one of the most effective.

Social media can be used to promote prizes and/or used as a means to offer special discount-plays in exchange for ‘likes’ and ‘shares.’ As the agent, you will have direct access to your target audience.

Flyers and Coupons- Land-based Casino Promotions

Although outdated, flyers and/or coupons can be used effectively for promotions.
Many may argue that the rapid growth in social media may render paper marketing obsolete however, it has significant draw for smaller business and new casinos to establish participants.

Well-designed coupons are indeed another method to attract new potential players if for example a certain amount of credit is offered as an incentive.

Capitalize on anti-Valentine’s Day sentiment

While the primary target for any Valentine’s day promotion is couples, there are a significant number of customers who are anti-Valentine’s Day clients. This particular group can be indulged to in a similar approach. To reach this market, larger prizes would have to be offered in a less romantic approach and perhaps centred around the individual with activities such as a spa-days and/or material prizes.

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