Alpha-bet Lottery and Scratch Games

Alpha-bet Lottery and Scratch Games

At Alpha-bet Lottery, we have added a unique twist to the traditional scratch card. We offer a wide variety of exciting lottery and scratch games suitable for players and operators from all walks of life.

Here are a few of the games we have to offer:

Scratch Games

Alpha-bet offers a total of 5 virtual scratch games. These are Scratch Magic™, Scratch 26 ™, Alpha-bet Scratch Mini ™, Alpha-bet Maxi ™, and Scratch Lucky 7 ™. Each game has its own unique look and style of play.


Consider the Scratch Lucky 7™, a thrilling version of Alpha-bets scratch cards. Players can only scratch a total of 7 letters from the scratch grid. The more correct letters the player reveals, the more they win! Players may ear more winnings if they reveal the golden letter A. This hidden letter counts for two correct letters.

The combination of scratching and revealing the 7 letters that stand for the word Alpha-bet calculates to one chance out of 657.800.

Lottery Games

Under the Lottery Games, you will find three versions of Alpha-bet lottery cards: The Alpha-bet Mini ™, Alpha-bet Mega ™ as well as the latest version titled Super Alpha-bet ™.

Super Alpha-bet ™ allows players the chance to determine odds by selecting the number of letters of their choosing. The more letters played, the higher the chances of winning big! What makes this particular lottery card enticing is the two incentives for payouts. The first payout occurs when marked letters come out randomly while the second and bigger payout occurs when letters come out in the right order as drawn during the official drawing.

Themed games

Like our Scratch Games, five themed scratch cards can be found under our themed games category. Each game follows the standard rules of scratching a specific number of letters from the scratch grid. The more correct letters players reveal and match with the themed word (eg. Easter), the more they win!

The themes currently offered are as follows:

  • Themed Scratch Mini™: Valentine
  • Themed Lucky 7™: Easter Weekend
  • Themed Lucky 7™: Halloween Scary 7
  • Themed Lucky 7™: Christmas Time
  • Themed Scratch Maxi Premium™: New Year

Start your own scratch lottery business with Alpha-bet

Interested in creating your own scratch card business? Our scratch card application allows you to start your own business.

Alpha-bets scratch cards come with a fun twist that has never before been seen. Our unique scratch cards offer the use of letters instead of traditional numbers. This means you have the creative freedom to customise cards as you see fit. Additionally, cards can be customised to better suit your brand and appeal to players from any target market.

For more information, please click here to get in contact with our team today!

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