Tips for Improving Employee Incentive Programmes

Tips for Improving Employee Incentive Programmes

Employee Incentive Programmes are an excellent method in recognising and rewarding employees for work well done. Additionally, it is an effective means to keep employees motivated and content in the workplace. Whilst there are numerous ways of incentivising employees, new schemes are always important in capturing employees attention.

What is an Incentive Programme?

Incentive programmes are designed to motivate and encourage employees to accomplish goals as well as improve staff performance. The programme includes rewards obtained according to variable achievements of identifiable results.

Advantages of Employee Incentives

Company owners and managers often consider effective means to maintain high morale and motivation amongst their employees.  A happy employee is a productive employee, after all. Offering incentives and rewards are a trusted method used. The advantages of such a reward scheme are frequently reflected in sales figures and reduced employee turnover. 

Tips for Improving Employee Incentive Programmes

Have Clear Reward Guidelines

Ensure employees are aware of what the incentive plan entails to earn their incentives. Unclear guidelines can create frustration amongst employees who may perceive them as unfair.

Offer Unique Rewards

Offering a range of unique and desirable rewards will entice employees to work harder. It’s important to look beyond offering purely financial incentives and enquire as to what will grasp the attention of, and benefit your employees.

Scratch cards are a unique way to entice employees. Alpha-bet’s bespoke scratch cards make for unique incentive opportunities. Each scratch card can hold a value or prize according to the reward-tier allocation and a lucky winner could win the jackpot while others may receive consolation prizes.

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Tips for Improving Employee Incentive Programmes
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Incentivize Teamwork among employees and/or Departments

Teamwork makes for dream work. This saying rings true for any, and all, businesses. Strengthening the relationship between employees promotes communication, collaboration, innovation and productivity. 

Any Team-based rewards should benefit the entire team rather than an individual, as collaborations require more time and considerable management skills. An effective reward system could result in increased cooperation, employee productivity and engagement.

Accept Feedback

Engage regularly with your staff to allow them to offer feedback regarding the intended incentive programme. In this manner, you will understand what the employees enjoy and/or what they would choose to change.

Pay Attention To return on Investment (ROI)

Continuous evaluation of incentive programmes is important. Measuring the return of investment is beneficial and offering incentives that do not benefit employees is counterproductive.

Acknowledging your employees’ hard work and dedication is fundamental to successful businesses. Employee Incentive Programmes are an effective way of keeping your employees happy in the workplace. 

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