Virtual Fundraising Ideas for Non-Profits

Virtual Fundraising Ideas for Non-Profits

The events of 2020 resulted in many Non-Profit Organisations postponing or cancelling many of their fundraising events due to social distancing regulations. However, it is imperative that fundraising must continue!

Here are a few Virtual Fundraising ideas for your organisation.

Virtual Cooking Classes

Virtual cooking classes are an ideal opportunity to assist local chefs who are deeply affected by the pandemic. Partnering with a local restaurant will allow chefs to showcase their talents whilst engaging with your supporters. Moreover, this gives NPOs the opportunity to raise funds and create awareness alongside a local business. 


Maintain close engagement with your supporters digitally by inviting them to participate in virtual seminars also known as webinars. Virtual events such as these give CEOs and board members the opportunity to engage with supporters and to share information. 

Online Auctions

Arranging an online auction can often be more successful and easier to set up than an actual auction. By coordinating bids beforehand by using a reputable online auction platform and by announcing the winners at the following event makes for easy accessibility.

It is most important to clarify to supporters the reason for fundraising. By ensuring that they are constantly kept updated the supporters will feel more included in the process. When donors feel that they are associated with the cause, they tend to bid higher.

Virtual Fundraising Ideas for Non-Profits
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Gaming Tournament Livestream

Organising a gaming tournament is sure to excite your target market of prospective supporters and donors, of the millennials and older members of Gen Z.  By partnering with a popular gamer or even a group of gamers, to live stream their game of choice and at this time to arrange for them to talk about your charity.

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are an excellent way of showcasing the work your charity does, if your organisation raises funds for a physical space.  A virtual tour will give your supporters a first-hand view of the space. It is a great alternative to in-person tours which have become a challenge with worldwide social distancing guidelines.

Virtual tours will show supporters what exactly you are involved with in the community. 

Livestream Happy Hour and Coffee Breaks

With the current state of the world, it is no surprise that life has been a little stressful. That makes now the perfect time to build relationships with donors and maintain it too.

Ponder a monthly Livestream Happy Hour or Coffee Break.  Create a relaxing virtual space for your supporters to engage with one another. It could become an enjoyable approach to garner funds by proposing that donors contribute a small amount of their coffee- or wine- spend for a mere one-day a month. 

Virtual Concerts

Many large events were cancelled due to the outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020. Many of which were live performances and festivals. However, that shouldn’t prevent you from hosting a virtual concert in the place of a live event. 

Arrange with some musicians and host a virtual concert in aid of your charity. Livestream the performance by selling tickets to supporters to watch the concert. In this way, supporters will feel as though they are part of the experience and that they are receiving something in return for their donation.  Your organisation on the other hand collects the much-needed funding.

To uphold and align with your charity, it is best to select artists who are passionate about your cause as it will strengthen your support base. Using your networking skills in this endeavour will most certainly be beneficial.

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