Affordable Employee Incentives

Affordable Employee Incentives

Employee Incentives promote motivation among workers, encouraging them to meet their goals. And while incentives bring much enthusiasm to the workplace, they can become quite costly. Therefore we have listed a few exciting employee incentives that are equally as affordable.

Gift Cards and Coupons

Gift cards and coupons are some of the most versatile and affordable employee incentives around. Employees are bound to enjoy goods or services received at a discounted price. These days you can find one for almost anything but here are a few common choices:

  • Streaming service Gift Cards (eg. Netflix, Spotify, Apple Music)
  • Grocery Store Gift Cards
  • Car detailing Coupon
  • Clothing Store Gift Cards
Affordable Employee Incentives
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Health and Wellness benefits

Boost your employees’ health and their work performance simultaneously with wellness benefits. It might be something as simple as a year-long membership at your local gym, but the results can have a great impact on the happiness and productivity of your employees. 

Work Happy Hour

Get in touch with your local restaurant and reward your employees with some good food and beverages for a job well done.

Event tickets

Have a popular local event coming up? Offer tickets to events such as fairs, concerts, virtual concerts or webinars that may interest your employees. Be sure to get more than one ticket so they have an option of bringing along a friend

Equipment update

Offer employees upgraded office equipment. It can be something as simple as fresh stationery for the month or a new office chair. An upgrade like this can make employees jobs easier and more comfortable to do.

Company outing

Need to reward your entire team after a successful project? Look no further than a company outing. These can range anywhere from a socially distanced dinner to a trip to a team-building getaway.

Cleaning Service

With many people moving away from the traditional workspace into their own homes due to the pandemic, work and personal time may feel like they are overlapping. This is where a little helping hand can make a world of a difference. Especially for employees who spend most of their time working. Hire a cleaning service to help out with a few missed chores while your employee adjusts to being back at work or moving exclusively to remote work.

VIP Parking

Some rewards don’t cost a thing and can still be an awesome reward. Consider rewarding an outstanding worker with the best parking in the lot. Having their own designated parking spot gets rid of the frustration of finding a parking spot early in the morning.

Public Recognition

Public recognition is an excellent way to honour hard work. You alone are not showing your appreciation to your employee/s but you are also making it known to everyone else.

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