The Lucky Scratch Card Winner

Scratch cards have been around for decades and have turned many a scratch card winner into an instant millionaire. They have remained popular due to their instant win offers and bold designs which appeal to people from all walks of life. One lucky man won big when he grabbed some spare change from his pocket and bought two tickets on a whim. Here’s his story:


The Lucky Scratch Card Winner

Kevin Francis, a 61-year-old granddad from the UK, won £1 million on a Merry Millions scratch card in November last year. The lucky scratch card winner was at his local store when he decided to get rid of the spare change jingling in his pocket. He bought two scratch cards and was in awe to find he’d won the jackpot.

“When I revealed the ‘1’ and then the ‘M’ it just didn’t register. I kept turning the scratch card over to look on the back to be sure the 1M did mean £1 million.” he said.

Kevin, a 61-year-old maintenance manager, lives with his partner, Brenda. He got home and left the ticket on the kitchen counter for about an hour before telling her anything. Brenda thought he was just having a laugh as he was so calm about it all. Kevin still slept on it and only took the ticket back to the store in Fareham the next day.

The calm scratch card winner was so unruffled by the win and says he doesn’t plan to retire any time soon as he really enjoys his work. Kevin Francis also has no plans to splash out on expensive cars or houses, instead he says he might invest in sailing a yacht one day as he has always lived by, and loved, the ocean. The father of two and grandfather of one also plans to share some of his winnings with his family, perhaps renovate the house a bit, and maybe replace his old car.

To hear him tell his story, click here.

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Become an Online Scratch Card Winner

With scratch cards still retaining their popularity today, it was only inevitable that they would find their way online along with other popular gambling games. Online scratch cards offer the same instant prizes as original cards but with the benefits of being lower in cost and having a wider variety to choose from; all with the simple click of a button.

The online versions are played just like the original printed cards, where you scratch off sections to reveal whether or not you have won a prize. Some gambling websites also offer demos so that you can get a feel for the online versions if you are new to the online gambling world.

If you wish to play online, you can simply find them on most popular online casinos. Most online casinos will also offer a walk-through of how to bet and play.

How do Scratch Cards Work

The standard design of any scratch card is a brightly coloured, themed card with sections painted in silver which you then scratch off. This is true for print card and online versions. Often you will have to match symbols or numbers to win a prize.

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