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History of Scratch Cards

Scratch cards were invented by the Scientific Games Corporation in 1974 and were first sold in Massachusetts. The inventors created a multi-billion dollar industry which still thrives today. When these cards were first sold, they were stored away behind the counters and had to be requested by customers. However, this all changed in 1985 when a man by the name of Cal Tigner invented a clear plastic dispenser which could be placed alongside the till of every outlet. The Take-a-Ticket invention was the catalyst which really allowed scratch tickets to begin to conquer the world of instant gambling. In modern times we may still see the dispensers but we are also lucky enough to have access to scratch cards online; which offer plenty of convenience in a tech driven world.

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How to play Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are easy to use and offer an instant win, as opposed to the long wait for normal lottery tickets results. This is highly appealing to both beginners and pro-gamblers alike.
A regular scratch ticket will have several blocks with a silver coating. A player scratches the silver coating off to reveal symbols, numbers, amounts, or letters (see our Alpha-bet scratch cards). In most games, players will need to match three blocks in order to win. However, some games are designed to offer bonus blocks or prizes. You can play the online version at most of the online casinos, such as Sun7Lottery. You can also buy scratch cards at certain lottery outlets across the globe.

Scratch Cards Online

With the tech revolution, scratch cards made their way into every major online casino across the world. They can be found alongside popular games such slots and Roulette.

Playing scratch cards online offers a host of benefits such as: lower cost, more excitement, bigger variety, and of course the benefit of not even having to leave your house. For the most part, online versions are virtual replicas of the original versions. There are, however, more advanced card options available, often with bonus rounds/blocks. The scratch cards we play today are eye-catching and come in many different themes which are meant to attract all kinds of players. Some scratch cards online are even available as demos for free so that the player can get a feel for how it works. The free cards are also there to entice players to try the real thing. Their instant results and instant pay still make them some of the most popular games to play.



Our scratch cards come with a fun twist which has never before been seen. Our unique scratch cards offer the use of letters instead of numbers. This means you can completely customise the cards to suit your brand and entice players from all walks of life. If you’d like to work with us, please click here for further information.


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