How to play Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are relatively new in comparison to other games of the gambling world. However, since their appearance in 1974, they have grown immensely due to their widespread popularity.


How it All Began

Scratch cards were invented by two Americans; John Koza and Daniel Bower. They were working with the Massachusetts Lottery Commission when they realised that lottery customers might like an instant win option rather than the week-long wait for ordinary lottery results. They founded the Scientific Games Corporation and invented the very first scratch cards. The cards were a huge hit and increased the lottery revenues by an astounding $1.5 million per week. Soon, other state lotteries caught on and it wasn’t long before they reached countries outside of the US. With the introduction of online casinos in the 1990s, this instant form of gambling also made their way onto the popular online platforms. Read more about the full history of scratch cards in our previous article.


Play Scratch Cards Online

Traditional printed scratch cards have become a thing of the past with digital and online forms now taking preference. Today, they are available at almost every major online casino. You can play online for fun (free practice versions) or place bets and stand the chance to instantly win many different prizes. To play online you simply need to visit a popular online casino, such as Sun7Lottery or the website of a government lottery commission. You then register as a player and choose a payment method. Once that is done you can choose which cards you want to play. Most online scratch cards mimic the feel of  the ‘real thing’, allowing you to ‘scratch off’ using a simple click of your mouse. There are many variations of play available: you could choose ‘scratch all’ for a quick-play option or choose autoplay to play numerous games one after the other.


Scratch Cards are Fun

In a world of instant gratification, scratch cards and their instant reveal are a huge attraction for many players. They are also low cost in comparison to most gambling options and can offer large wins worth millions. Scratch cards are also attractive, coming in all sorts of shapes, sizes and themes. If you’re a sports enthusiast then you might enjoy a basketball card; or perhaps you’re attracted to the glitz of a luxury lifestyle card. These cards have also been used by organisations such as charities and federal associations as a means of advertising. This association to ‘the greater good’ is also what appeals to the worldwide audience. Playing online is convenient and fun, allowing you to play from anywhere in the world, or even in your own home.


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