Care Worker wins £300,000 on scratch-card

Care Worker wins £300,000 on scratch-card

A dedicated care worker has netted a life-changing amount of £300,000 on a scratch-card and plans to spend her new fortune on a dream house.

A New Home for Lottery Winner

Kirsty Pippard has worked tirelessly with the most vulnerable citizens in her town throughout the COVID 19 pandemic.  This Senior Healthcare Assistant has taken on gruelling hours in addition to her usual 12-hour shifts at her local care home. The ecstatic mom of two now looks forward to spoiling her family and herself with her winnings.

Pippard bought the scratch-card as part of a treat for her husband Robert and herself. Unfortunately, Robert’s card was unsuccessful. However, Kirsty held the winning card. The silliness of it all was that the cards were bought as a small gift for Robert’s birthday.

As luck would have it, the win couldn’t have come at a better time. Kirsty and her husband, recently discovered that their rented two bedroomed house was to be sold.  Without this win, the family would have to move in with one of their parents.

“Everything still seems strange and new but is, of course, very welcome after such a tough couple of months. We had been planning on moving in with my mum, so we could save for a deposit, so this win is brilliant”.

Care Worker wins £300,000 on scratch-card

Thankfully, the family found a more permanent replacement. Kirsty took her winnings and splurged on a beautiful 4 bedroom, detached property.

“Our new house, which we hope to move into very soon, is a dream come true. I can’t wait to move into our new family home. It’s just what we wanted – a room for each of our children and a spare for my mum or mother-in-law to stay. The garden provides plenty of space for the children to run around and it was one of only two houses we viewed. It’s a five-minute drive from where we live now and we knew straight away that it felt like home.”

What’s next?

The family has not yet had time to celebrate due to Kirsty’s work schedule. However, they have a list of celebrations to enjoy once Kirsty takes some time off.

The couple plan on arranging their wedding anniversary, both of their birthdays and of course their Lotto win all into one giant celebration.

Even with all the excitement and celebrations planned, Kirsty has decided to continue working.

“It really does feel like a blessing to have this win at the end of a really hard couple of months, in terms of work. It has been such an effort trying to keep our home life together while remaining strong at work throughout a 12-hour shift. People ask why I’m not thinking of going part-time or not going back to work, but I really love my job, even after these last few months.”

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