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What is a Turnkey Solution?

When thinking of a turnkey solution, a corporate or gaming company buyer has to merely “turn” a “key” to commence.

A business or gaming activity then appears within the host software structure.

A Turnkey solution is a system built from end-to-end that can be purchased as a stand alone product.

The software in the case of gamins, is then easily integrated into an existing business or gaming platform.

A turnkey solution is immediately ready to use once installed, it is designed to fulfill a particular process in part or completely.

These solutions are often found in manufacturing industry, but can also be found in the gaming industry.

In the gaming industry turnkey solutions can include game designs or skins, functionality, RNG certification, payment processing and gateways, gaming and gambling licenses where necessary and much more.

When a gaming company is looking to increase their offering without introducing the additional cost and expense of designing a game or set of games from scratch.

They often opt for a turnkey solution rather than a custom-built or designed gaming system.

This is particularly useful for when a company or business isn’t looking for all the bells and whistles that often come with bespoke systems, but would rather opt for the simple and affordable solution.

Turnkey Solution with Alpha-bet

Alpha-bet offers a turnkey solution which can be arranged in association with our business partner.

Our solution is a user friendly and unique addition of our letter-based scratch cards. This can be used to enhance the portfolio and game offering of an already established online gaming company.

The Alpha-bet turnkey solution can offer a great base for a startup gaming company.

When you integrate our software, there are various payment options available.

A customer can elect to pay either a fee, based on a revenue share and or fixed monthly fee.

This results in a minimum initial or startup expense with the potential and opportunity for a great return on investment.

Our games are well positioned to generate additional income for your online gaming business. They are fully operational, complete with RNG, odds and a wallet system. Our scratch cards can operate as live games, free games or demo games. Our unique concept using letters instead of numbers in our scratch card games can be adapted and tailor made upon your request.

In addition to our scratch cards, we have lottery cards available upon request. They are also concept and demo version ready.

Our game designs are flexible to be able to work with you and your design team to provide you with letter-based lottery cards that you can operate on your online gaming platform.

Try our scratch card games for yourself by playing our demo games here.

Alpha-bet Turnkey Solutions - all about turnkey

Turnkey solutions from Alpha-bet allow you to integrate our scratch card or lottery card games in your online gaming or casino business under your own license with our payment and control panel solutions.

Contact us for more information or to sign up for a Turkey Solution today.

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