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Alpha-bet free to play scratch cards

Online scratch cards offer players the opportunity to experience the convenience of scratch cards on pc’s, tablets, and mobile phones. These are of course fun and easy games that are played by many players daily. Today you can find thousands of attractive free to play scratch cards available online. Games hail from some of the biggest software providers in the business.  Like slots, scratch cards can be found in many fun themes, such as sporting events, fantasy, and comic books.

An online scratch card offers the regular benefits of a scratch card and the advantages of being able to purchase it online and of course you pay with your preferred online payment method.

There is no obligation to play for real money: you can try the free to play scratch cards for as long as you like before deciding if you would like to make a deposit.

Scratch Cards are fast and easily accessible

The beauty of playing online scratch cards is that the player can play the game at any time. Because the scratch cards are available 24/7. Also, these games can be played multiple numbers of times without any restriction.

Players can be done playing scratch cards in minutes. It is the only game that requires a short duration of time. They can be played at any point in the day whether it is in a queue or during lunch hours. The game is perfectly suited for players who have busy schedules and who just want to have some fun.

There are no specific rules and regulations whilst playing scratch cards. They do not need to focus on building any strategies. What is important here is that the player enjoys the game to the fullest. All he/she needs is a combination of good luck and intuition to win this game. The excitement that free to play scratch cards generates is unparalleled and keeps everyone at the edge of their seats.

Free to play scratch cards by Alpha-bet

free to play scratchcards by alpha-bet

Alpha-bet offers a wide range of innovative Scratch Card & Lottery products for corporate use as part of a marketing campaign or for existing online casinos and game platforms to incorporate into their own platforms.  The free to play scratch cards can easily be adapted for use in your retail, incentive marketing, eventing, gambling, lottery, and other campaigns.  Alpha-bet has 5 themed scratch cards on offer, with the option of premium play, and of course any of these Alpha-bet scratch cards can be easily customised to exhibit any theme that you can think of.  There are free to play demo versions available on our website.

Our free to play scratch cards are simple games designed to get you scratching especially with the concept of using letters instead of numbers.  It gives you a glimpse of the potential of the scratch card software available from Alpha-bet.

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