Changing the Face of Online Gaming

chaning the face of online gaming

Online gaming and video games are played over various computer networks.  The cultural impact that the video gaming industry has had to date, in general, is almost life changing.

Gaming developers have gone from creating and coding games using API’s where games were based on popular movies or novels to the complete opposite.  These days’ blockbuster movies and bestsellers are based on popular life like games.


An API (Applications Programming Interface) is an interface that allows different software intermediaries to communicate and share data.  However, in video games it is slightly more involved as there is far more to share.  In video games the API shares specifications, rules, data and even settings among other things.  The communicate with the other applications, operating systems and libraries to embed and share gaming content.  Different API’s are used to manage different things, some for graphics and sound and other for artificial intelligence.  Either way, it is extremely important to have API’s.


During the recent coronavirus pandemic, it become evident that the convenience of doing things online was the way of the future.  Online gaming became ever popular as people had to resort to finding ways to keep themselves “active” and happy.  Thus developed the need for social experiences, entertainment and gathering information. The online gaming industry grew by almost 20% during the pandemic and it is estimated that it will grow to $ 268B by 2025.


Mobile gaming and online gaming have changed over the years, from just the basic Tetris game or even the casual snake game to now being able to easily download pretty much anything on an app store or it being readily available already on the phone. Mobile phones have also doubled up as gaming devices over the years. The smartphone touch screen can be used as an input device and the keypad as a gaming controller.

Multi-player Gaming


There are plenty of mobile games that support multiple players, either locally via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth of remotely over a network.

Playing games on your mobile device can include live synchronous tournaments and turn-based asynchronous tournaments.

PERFECT FOR NEWBIES – Live Synchronous Tournaments vs Asynchronous Tournaments.

In live tournaments, random players from around the world are matched together to compete.  This is done using different networks such as Facebook, Google + and Game Centre.

Asynchronous gameplay on the other hand resolves the issue of needing a continuous line connection.  The reason for this is because the player’s matches are recorded and broadcast at a later stage for other players in this sort of tournament to see.  The game play is different as it allows individual players to pay against human opponents.


Marketers across the industry need to see the importance of no longer stereotyping the gaming industry and need to recognise that gaming is an importance part of peoples’ everyday lives.  Women are still experiencing gender-based discrimination in many of the gaming spaces and end up masking their own identities to avoid facing sexism.  Influencer campaigns are being created to normalise and empower women in a male dominated industry.

Stereotyping of female gamers

Online gaming and mobile video games are no longer for the ‘nerd’ that sits quietly at home in a dark room playing for hours online ‘alone’.  Instead, the new norm is that almost 65% of online gamers use this as a way to interact with family and friends from across the globe.  They are building new relationships and creating new worlds, whether this be in person, over a social platform or via an online gaming tournament.

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