Corporate Employee Incentives for 2020

Corporate Employee Incentive Benefits for 2020 and beyond

Now is the time to rethink and consider alternatives to the traditional corporate employee incentive benefit, especially at a time like we are experiencing. Companies have been forced to close their doors to limit exposure for both their staff and clients. So as to assist the global fight to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Traditionally, employees work in an office environment with managers or bosses checking in occasionally to ensure that targets are being met, progress is being made and projects are being completed.

Some companies have managed to make the switch to have their employees work from home during this global situation of uncertainty.

Corporate employee incentive benefits
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How do management and bosses ensure that the same results are being achieved?

Those who are not familiar with working from home may find the transition an exciting idea at first but the situation may become a little daunting as the days and weeks go by. Television, internet and refrigerator easily accessible one may become a distraction and discipline would be needed to actually get work done.

The important question is, “How do we keep employees motivated?” Simply, to incentivise them to continue achieving their goals by offering rewards for hard work, extra hours and goals achieved.


What is a Corporate Employee Incentive?

An incentive is described as something that encourages one to do something. It could be a reward for reaching a certain target or goal.

Traditional incentives would include a formal scheme with rewards varying from:

  • movie, theatre or concert tickets,
  • tickets to sporting events,
  • gift hampers,
  • holiday packages,
  • an extra day for vacation,
  • or promotion to better positions within the company.

These incentive programs are highlighted in job descriptions, canteen areas, internal staff emails or via HR departments.

The shift from employee incentives being used to drive sales and retain customers, to that of boosting morale, employee wellness and promote employee performance has been around for some time, especially within large organisations where stress, deadlines and targets can make or break the division or the entire company.


What does a Corporate Employee Incentive look like in 2020?

There are a lot of pros and cons to this sort of incentiveness for both employer and employees.

The main reason for employers to offer incentives would be to retain good, hardworking, disciplined and knowledgeable staff.


Some ideas for Corporate Employee Incentives

  • Experiences (Bucket list items, Epic holiday package,, or once in a life-time opportunities…)
  • Gifts (Apparel, Music, Gift Cards, Plants, Hampers….)
  • Services (Massages, Spa Appointments, Yoga, Life Coach, Personal Trainer…)
  • Skills Training (Online Courses, Books, Conferences, Memberships…)


Corporate Employee Incentives – it’s all in the packaging

We’re living in an era of instant gratification. With this in mind, let’s explore some fun ideas on delivering the Corporate Employee Incentive rewards to employees:


  • Benefits Package
    Reward employees who work hard and bring in results by adding a benefit to their current employment package. These can range from private healthcare cover, to a fuel allowance, salary increase etc.
  • Customizable Scratch Cards
    Use scratch cards to motivate employees to meet targets.  The opportunity to receive a scratch card for every target reached should incentivise employees
    Each scratch card could have a value or prize, according to the prize tier allocation, and one a lucky employee will win the jackpot while others may get consolation prizes.
  • Reward Points System
    Develop a points system as a reward program. Employees receive points every time they meet certain criteria.  After accumulating a specific amount of points, employees can redeem their points for rewards.


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