A Guide to your Online Casino User Experience Design

A Guide to your Online Casino User Experience Design

User Experience is the make or break of any platform. As an online casino operator, you should aim to provide players with a positive experience that encourages user loyalty. This all boils down to the overall look and feel of your platform. Everything from the user interface and navigation, to registration and security, play an important part in a players experience.

Here are a few aspects to consider when developing your online casino:

Less is More – User Interface

Keeping in mind that players will be looking at a screen, your site will need to appeal to the eye. Thus the interface will need to be eye-catching but not too flashy. It is important to remember that an online casino does not need the dazzling aesthetic that a land-based casino would. In reality, a flashy site may drive prospective players away simply because it’s unpleasant to look at. Sticking to simple colour schemes across all pages is best. This can be applied to your business’s logo.

A Guide to your Online Casino User Experience Design
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The text should be highly visible. Using bold and/or large fonts that contrast with the background will make any titles, buttons or important information stand out. This will also make navigating the site significantly easier as players will not have to search the entire site for information. Instead, they will be taken to the needed page at the click of a button.

As for sound, it is best to avoid any that are loud and blaring. This is yet another defining difference between the aesthetics of a land-based casino and its digital counterpart. There will be plenty of sound within the games provided it virtually pointless to utilize it within the main site.

When searching for a game, players often scan thumbnails, selecting the one that most appeals to them. Be sure to keep thumbnails clear and uniform for a smooth browsing experience. Additionally, this will help keep your site from looking sloppy.

One of the most important things players will look for when visiting a new site is the licensing status of your platform. Licensed casinos usually place their licensing authority’s insignia near the bottom of their site’s home page. The insignia should be clickable, directing the player to the authorities official seal of authorization. 


Apart from the overall look of your site, navigation is a major deciding factor for players. With your homepage being the starting point, players should be able to find their way to the other sections of the platform with ease. Typically, the website directory is found across the top of the screen or on the sides in an easily accessible menu. Search bars should be found in the same area. The fewer clicks needed to navigate to a certain section, the better.

Selecting a game can sometimes be overwhelming when presented with a large quantity to choose from. Grouping or categorizing games can make this easier. Ideally, games should be separated into categories that may appeal to a player, i.e Most played, Newest Release, Top related and so on. 

Finally, buttons linking to Registration forms, Terms and Conditions, and Player Support, should be available on every page.

Signing up and Signing In

Signing up and registering an account should be as simple as possible for players. Having grown used to the easy sign up through social media, players will expect nothing less when signing up and signing in. Registration forms should be neat and understandable. Steer clear of wordy documents and instead spread the needed information and data fields across 2 or 3 pages. 

Data fields should contain prompts stating which information is needed and the format in which it should be entered. Navigation comes into play again in the signup process. Having the site autofocus on data fields as the players fill in their information will help keep track of any missing information the player may have missed.

Security is of the utmost importance when dealing with players’ information. Never ask for more than what is needed as this will cause apprehension. Players must be reassured that their information is kept completely confidential.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Trustworthy payment options are a top priority when players are required to make deposits. Offering a variety of secure payments will ensure that players will make their deposits and begin betting soon after.

Withdrawals on the other hand may take some time. This is due to the necessary identity verification needed. Players should be notified of the estimated time it may take for their winnings to reflect in their bank accounts. Transparency and clear communication through this process will help maintain a trusting relationship and player loyalty. 

Preferably, deposits and withdrawals should be easy to do and completely transparent. Increasing the range of payment options can only benefit your platform. This will allow for more players to access the games and services you are providing.

Customer Support

If a player were to experience any technical difficulties while online, it is the operator’s responsibility to provide customer care. Living Chat has become a popular method of choice within the online casino community. As it provides players with easy access to a support team member instantly. 

The Live Chat icon should be visible on every page and available for all players. This includes unregistered players as they might have questions regarding sign up.

A great user experience will have players coming back for more. Keeping your platform user-friendly will only draw in prospective players and maintain the loyalty of those already registered. 

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