Business in a Box

Business in a box

If you are looking for a change up or a new business idea, or even just a side hustle then a business in a box would be a great solution. When searching for business concepts and ideas the result pool is huge, this can be both helpful and unhelpful. Depending on what type of person you are.

Reflections of 2021

As the year draws to a close and you tidy up your desk, reminiscing about the crazy year that you have just made it through. You’ve earned yourself a week break! Congratulations.

Team Thumbs up

But is it enough? Are you fulfilled? Are you living your best life?

If you answered no to any of those questions, maybe it is time for a change!

I’m not saying that you should start writing your resignation letter and drop it off at HR on your way out of the office! But maybe it’s time to consider a side project.

The Side Project

Some things that you would need to consider before taking on a side project are as follows:

  • Does it step on any current work/employer related toes?
  • What type of infrastructure is needed?
  • How much initial capital will it take?
  • Will you have enough spare time to devote to it?

Once you have an accurate understanding of what you could additionally be capable of from a time, money, space and experience point of view then you can start looking for a side project that suits your specific case.

Business Concepts

Wouldn’t it be great if you could click a button and have an instant business?

While wading through the plethora of business ideas and concepts out there I came across a common theme that most of the ideas were quite hands on.

  1. Physical Products/Services
  2. Subscription Services/Products

These all demand actual time either for you to perform the services either remotely or in person, or create products to sell/on sell online or in person.

Be Your Own Boss – Business in a box

Don’t be disheartened, there is still time to make your dream a reality.

Run your own scratch card business. You don’t need any specific skills, nor do you need to be rolling in cash. All you need is a gambling license for your specific jurisdiction.

Alpha-bet’s scratch card application allows you to easily integrate into your current online casino platform or on a platform with our partner company.

How it Works

  • Sign up to our white label solution
  • We provide support in software installation and platform integration
  • Market to your contacts and network
  • Make money while you sleep

Find out more here.

Not yet Convinced?

Benefits of digital Scratch Cards

Scratch card games are extremely popular and are generally considered as an instant gratification game.

A player buys a scratch card, scratches said scratch card and then wins or loses instantly.
In this way both physical scratch cards and their digital counterparts are the same.

Scratch Card

1- The difference comes in when a player has purchased a scratch card in a store and left the store to scratch it at home. If they lose they lose and if they win, they cash in the next time they go to the store. Online scratch cards can be played until the player is sufficiently done winning or losing, therefore giving them more opportunity to play on.

2- There is no limit to the design options for an online scratch card, if players are not finding a particular design inspiring, then change it up. With physical scratch cards a certain amount is printed and if a certain design is not played then the cards are wasted.

3- The costs for getting a scratch card to a player are dramatically reduced in the online version. Physical scratch cards rely on a design, print, distribute model whereas the online version is design and deploy.

Online Scratch cards are just as much fun to play as their physical counterparts. Why not try our demo games for yourself. Click here to play.

Do you want to be your own boss and get started with your own business in a box. Contact Yves at Alpha-bet now for more information on how to get started.

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