Digger Driver wins big with £2 scratch card

Digger Driver wins big with £2 scratch card

A 23-year-old digger driver from Essex has won £250 000 on a National Lottery Scratch Card. His eyes are set on a brand new hot tub for the garden amongst many other things. Friday’s first pint It was just another Friday night at the pub when George Bates reached for the scratch card he had […]

Lucky Football fan scores £250,000

Lucky football fan

A lucky football fan has scored a lotto players dream goal. Corey Skeffington, from Coalisland, County Tyrone is celebrating his £250,000 win after scratching the winning ticket at a socially distanced gathering. “I was going round to a friend’s house for a chat, a beer and some food with a couple of mates and bought […]

Scratchcard Winner died twice before winning

Scratchcard winner dies and wins the lotto twice

Is there life after death? Australian Scratchcard winner Bill Morgan, may have the answer. After being declared dead, he went on to win the lottery TWICE! The Accident The year was 1999, when disaster struck. Australian truck driver Bill Morgan found himself in hospital after a nasty accident. Thankfully he survived. However disaster struck yet […]

Scratch off cards – All about scratch cards

Scratch off cards, scratch cards, scratch off tickets or even just scratch offs as they are sometimes known, have been around for many years. This article looks at a variety of exciting items that you may have not known about these little instant gratification cards. About scratch off cards Scratch off cards were first seen […]